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Advantages Of Having a Dog Harness

Traditionally, dog owners use a standard collar and leash to walk their dogs but that is not anymore the case nowadays especially with dogs who like to pull during his walks since it would be better to use a dog harness that would fit all sizes of dogs. A lot of dog owners prefer to use dog harnesses since you do not have to wrap it around the dog’s neck, therefore, giving the dog the comfort that it should have while securing its safety as well. This goes especially to dogs with medium size breeds since they are used to pulling their leash during their walks making it possible for them to acquire an injury. With this said, you should, therefore, consider the benefits of a well-made dog harness.

You should always be mindful of comfort that you are able to give your pet and the collar is one who can surely give discomfort since it is wrapped snugly in the throat and the neck of your dog. Be that as it may, it is really a bad idea to still go on using a collar especially if your dog has a weak trachea or has been experiencing any problems in the neck and in the throat due to the severe pulling of the leash when you are walking. A dog harness is wrapped around the ribcage and the chest of the dog so that it will have a secured tight fit that is why it would be best for you to use it to avoid any contact with the neck and the throat of the dog that may cause injuries. As soon as the harness will be attached to your dog’s body, the only thing left for you to do is to hook on the leash so that you can already go for a walk with your pet.

If your dog comes from a small breed, has a large neck with a small head, or have injuries in the throat and neck, it would be best to use a harness to keep it safe and secured. When taking your walks or doing something else, you would like to keep your dog secured all the time however this cannot happen to dogs who have a habit of getting out of their collar that is why dog harnesses are really important. There are different sizes and designs for dog harnesses and they are made from different materials as well such as fabric, leather, and nylon.

There are dog breeds that really needs dog harnesses aside from the fact that it is the discretion of the owner alone whether to use a dog harness or not. A dog harness is after all, very beneficial to dogs with small stature and fragile necks and throats.

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